Spray paint art is an artform utilizing spray paint and performed on posterboard or wood.

It differs from traditional graffiti in that graffiti is performed on buildings, trains and the like, as opposed to more traditional art surfaces.This is a unique form of art that is generally performed on the street in large metropolitan cities creating surreal landscapes of planets, comets, pyramids, cities, nature scenes as well as simple one-colored backgrounds or even multi-colored backgrounds where the paint swirls together or fades from one color to the other through a series of differing values (of each color). This art form (also known as Aerosolgrafia or Sadotgrafia by its founders) originated in Mexico City in the early 1980s. Ruben “Sadot” Fernandez first painted {experimentally in public) in front of his studio but soon moved to the streets of La Zona Rosa (1982) and began attracting crowds. Sitting in a lotus position surrounded by aerosol cans he created human figures & faces, and natural landscapes on paper, cardboard, or canvas. He did not use a brush. Sadot wrote poetry, made mosaics, and did art in a number of traditional art media, but became most renowned for his work with aerosol spray paint. An important aspect of this art form is the music that often accompanies the performance. from ( www.ubidosadu.net)

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